Yoga with love
Together, the Lotus – A Gift from my Meditation Teacher

Soon, it’ll be the one year anniversary of taking my yoga classes online. Wow, what a year. So, so, so many feels over this past 12 months. You know what I mean. We’ve all had […]

Fall Equinox Yin/Yang Yoga with Amy and DiDi

The Autumnal Equinox is considered the first day of Fall, when we experience equal parts daylight and darkness. It is a good time to appreciate equilibrium inside and outside ourselves. We can turn inward to […]

Five years, 1000 hours

Yesterday, November 28, I had the great big pleasure to teach my 1000th hour of yoga. That means I’m able to teach continuing education courses to other yoga teachers. Yesterday also happened to be the […]

Yoga for Chronic Pain Management

Special Workshop Chronic pain is pain that lasts more than six months. It comes from injury or disease, and can have a negative impact on how we live our lives. Yoga can help us to […]

Celebrating Women

Last Sunday’s Women’s Only class was so special because of the fantastic group who came to enjoy an extra-long restorative class, complete with chair props, blocks, blankets, and straps. (You’ve likely never seen so many […]

Reason 14 of 15 why YOU should come to Portugal with me this fall

For about $350 CDN ($275 USD) a day, this holiday averages out to be a fantastic deal for all that you get. Seven extra-special yoga classes, six meditation sessions, six nights boutique accommodation, six breakfasts, […]

Reason 10 of 15 why YOU should come to Portugal with me

All teachings of yoga are called “moksha shastra”, meaning “liberation teachings”. The teachings free us from our limited and habituated notion of self. They don’t suggest that our notions of self are wrong, but rather […]


The past three weeks have had me sitting in front of the computer trying to write a piece for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature. My “day job” of being a university teacher means that […]