Yoga with love
Together, the Lotus – A Gift from my Meditation Teacher

Soon, it’ll be the one year anniversary of taking my yoga classes online. Wow, what a year. So, so, so many feels over this past 12 months. You know what I mean. We’ve all had […]

Living with Pain

Yesterday, May 6, marks the two year anniversary of me living with chronic pain. It’s been a soul-searching, sometimes agonizing process, and it’s not finished yet. But I carry on, and yoga continues to teach […]

Another Class Added!

Because both classes of Yogassage have filled so quickly, we’re adding one more so that you can get your bliss on. Join us Sunday afternoon, October 28, from 4-5. More details can be found HERE. […]

Girl Children, Yoga and Reading

Combining a few of my most of my favourite things in this life–special people, yoga and reading–this photo makes my heart sing. My friend and fellow yoga teacher, Andrea, sent it to me last week. […]

Yes, I Use Music in My Classes

To play music or not to play music in your yoga class is a question that many teachers ask themselves. My own teacher, Jason Crandell, does not use music. Many of my teacher friends do […]

Celebrating Women

Last Sunday’s Women’s Only class was so special because of the fantastic group who came to enjoy an extra-long restorative class, complete with chair props, blocks, blankets, and straps. (You’ve likely never seen so many […]

Our Fall Feriado in Portugal is Cancelled

After much thought, and yes, some meditation, I’ve decided to cancel the Portugal vacation. There was little interest, and so I’ll return to the here and now and concentrate on finishing up our May core-concentration […]

… So that I can Move

Anne comes to my yoga flow class on Wednesday nights without fail. She moans a bit when we do some “flexy, flexy postures,” as I call those that put our bodies into positions that call […]


Darlene and Allison work at a local hospital, and worked overtime last Thursday. They knew they couldn’t make it home in time to change clothes for our yoga class so they phoned their boss to […]


Anne turned 73 earlier this month, and here she is, joking and foolin’ around before class at the Hubbards Sailing Club. She laughs at herself, and at me, and finds yoga a nice balance to […]

Yoga in Libraries

“C” is for Camel A recent article from Lauren Barack in the School Library Journal is inspiring, and so I want to share it with you all. Because the article talks about yoga in US […]

Bountiful Beets

As we transition into fall, our thoughts normally turn to the abundance that the earth provides during harvest season. One of my favourites are the root vegetables that can be eaten raw, roasted, mashed, cooked […]