What Really Matters

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    “Treat people as if they are what they ought to be and you will help them to become what they can be.”

– Viktor Frankl’s Goethe via Benjamin Lorr –

As a university professor, I’ve long held the idea that my students are the reason I love my job. This feeling extends to my yoga classes. As the education scholar Margo Husby Sheelar has written, “Our students are our greatest gifts.”

Here are comments about my yoga classes from a few of my students:

I always feel amazingly relaxed after DeNel’s classes. The energy of her class is something I’ve never experienced in other yoga classes! –Chrissy

I feel connected. –Anne W.

DiDi, I always feel centred, energized, calm and cleansed after one of your yoga classes. In a word, splendid! — Leah

You are one of the best yoga teachers I know. –Anne L.

To be honest, I come for the positive vibes as much as for the yoga. I truly love the class as an form of exercise for body, mind and soul. I would highly recommend this class to friends and have done just that! –Geraldine T.

I find it very helpful when you remind us of all the things to be mindful of when moving into or holding a position. It does not get repetitive to me as they are all great reminders :0) I also love that you take the time to prepare a specific class for us, and add new things to try on a regular basis. Yay! Also, you have great music! 💕 –Anne S.

I like the nurturing attitude of DeNel and how she encourages me to try new things in class. I felt great when I learned to climb the wall with my feet after several attempts. I also like the essential oils to try on my mat. –Nooreen B.

I love the pace, your voice, your humour, your sincerity, your grace, the level. You’re the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had – not that there have been many – and I wouldn’t change a thing – except of course for head stands!!  –Janet C.
(NOTE: We do only supported headstands, and there’s ALWAYS the option not to do them– or anything else you don’t want to do!)

Pace is perfect – not too slow, not too fast. Appreciate ability to extend or not depending on how I feel that morning. Content is great. I have knee and shoulder injury, so good that class allows for that adaptation. –Julia C.

I like the “individualized attention, positive energy/upbeat warm friendly atmosphere. –Shelley B.

DiDi’s yoga is one of our great highlights during our annual winter Zipolite stay. Her thematic approach makes for a challenging, fun and dynamic class. DiDi’s morning classes are the best thing to get the blood, senses and energy going for the rest of the day. Can’t wait for the next class with DiDi! Much love from NYC. –Marietta & Michael

I have had the pleasure of being a student of DeNel’s in both a yogic and an academic setting. Teaching by example and showing mindful attention to all pupils shines through in her instruction. Her yoga classes strike an ideal balance of fun and structure and her teaching is informed and tailored to the individual. I have come away from these sessions with an invigorated yet calm spirit and the inspiration and confidence to make yoga a part of my daily routine. The positive energy that DeNel projects is contagious, I consider myself very lucky to have caught as much of it as I have! –Lesley