Yoga with love

Andrea Titzer

Andrea is 500-hours + certified with 200 hours of Restorative, and 300 hours of traditional Hatha, flow and continued education therapeutics training. Having studied in Mexico and India, she believes that stillness and slowing the practice are essential to going deeper. Her classes are designed to take you further into your yoga as your spine becomes freer, happier and more flexible.

Her classes are always mindful, educational, sweet and sometimes, a bit sweaty!

Andrea is continuously learning and has more than 2200 teaching hours.

She’s joining us from France, but you can find her here and at

Nicole Weathers

Nicole discovered yoga while working as a Registered Nurse in the operating room of a busy New York City hospital. The long hours on her feet and busy shifts began to take a toll; she experienced lower back pain and anxiety. She tried yoga as a means to cope with the demands of the job, but what she gained was a way of life.

For Nicole, yoga is all about healing from the inside out. Her hope is to partner with her students to connect their mind and body using the core concepts of yoga: meditation (dhyana), breath (pranayama), and physical postures (asana).

Nicole was trained in Vinyasa Yoga and received her RYT200 at Black Swan Yoga in Houston, TX in 2022.

You can take her excellent class live on Tuesdays, and/or search for “Nicole” in the on-demand video library.

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