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In the midst of all of the emails and posts about the virus, I received one today that I think is really nice. It’s from Amelia Barnes, a spunky young woman from Manitoba who owns a yoga clothing company called Prana Vida. Not only do I like her gear, I often like what she has to say. So, today, I share with you her “The three Cs for when you feel like crap” because I really couldn’t have said it better myself.

(I’m hoping you check out her store as a way to thank her.)
Without a doubt, not talking time to rest and unplug from the media is the number one thing that puts me in a downward spiral. Stress leads to all kinds of physical and emotional problems (and reduces your immunity) and this in turn causes more stress. It’s also so much harder to see solutions and think positively/creatively when you are in a stressed state of mind. One of things I’ve found helps get me out of my thinking mind and into the present moment is movement linked with breath. One of my favourite things to do right now is go for walks, usually in the forest near our house, and breath while counting my steps. So example I’ll breath in for 6 steps, out for 6 steps, and repeat. My mind will wander but then I’ll realize I lost count and I’ll just start back again.
When I’m in a funk I usually stop bothering with tidying, putting away laundry and cleaning and within like all of 30 minutes the house is a total mess and then that creates a vicious cycle of feeling agitated because of my surroundings, then giving up entirely.

It seems so simple, but sometimes putting on some music or a podcast and spending 30 minutes doing some dishes, or clearing out a single junk drawer, or taking a shower and putting on real clothes, can give you some sense of calm and control. If your feeling overwhelmed, try just making one small goal at a time and trying to accomplish that.
Creating things gives us purpose, and purpose is the opposite of depression. We are ALL creative beings. Making stuff is a way we can make our mark on the world and feel like we are contributing and a part of something bigger.

I’m not talking about painting a masterpiece, although that could be your thing. Cook a pot of soup, try journalling, make a craft with your kid, bake cookies, grow house plants, start a DIY project — there are endless ways to create.

And beyond creating things, think about how you can create CONNECTION. I know it’s more challenging with social distancing, but thankfully we have the internet and phones to reach out to our loved ones and those in our community to see what we can provide. Finding a way to help others is often the most effective way to get out of our own heads and move forward.


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