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Yoga Props, Tools, Gear & Some Other Really Great (Free) Stuff

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Props & Tools

Looking for YOUR VERY OWN yoga props? Need a new mat? Blocks or a bolster? How about a nice meditation cushion?

Consider ordering from Canadian-owned Halfmoon Yoga and B Mat. As an affiliate, I earn a percentage of the sale, and until all of this is over, I’m going to donate 100% of my earnings between the St. Margaret’s Bay and Chester Lighthouse Foodbanks.


To receive a 15% discount, use the code DIDI_15 at checkout. If there is a bigger discount offered by the company, use it! As long as you use the links below, people will get food they need.


My Gift to You

Below you’ll find a few freebies that you can use whenever you need.

Please share far and wide.

And, if you like what you see and hear, consider registering for a class. You’re always welcome.

My Classes & Workshops

Flow & Let Go (In Person)

Discover the balancing combination of movement and rest in this one hour end-of-your day class. Meet me in the beautiful Hubbards Sailing Club space. Suitable for all levels. Wednesdays 6:45-7:45 pm (Atlantic).

Video Library

Practice on your own time, according to your own schedule. Mix and match classes that fit what your body tells you it needs. Rent individual classes or purchase a subscription.

The cost is $3 per rental, or purchase a $10 subscription for access to all of the classes. For $60, you can have access to ALL live classes and ALL video recordings.

Meditation Course