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Soon, it’ll be the one year anniversary of taking my yoga classes online. Wow, what a year. So, so, so many feels over this past 12 months. You know what I mean. We’ve all had them.

One of the very best things that happened to me during this on-going pandemic is making the acquaintance of Cindy Novelo. We met early in the chaos in a course through the Institute of Yoga Sport Science. We’d come to learn how to best move our teaching into an online environment, and in the process connected with yoga teachers all over the world. All of us experiencing the same emotions– fear, challenges, the unknown.

Over private chats during our class “lectures”, Cindy and I connected. We moved our conversations to email and WhatsAp. We attended each others’ Zoom classes, and I signed up for her meditation course in the fall. We’ve had several marathon phone conversations, forming a new friendship thousands of miles apart.

Cindy is my COVID gift.

A fabulous writer, singer and teacher, Cindy ceaselessly shares. Last week, out of the blue, this poem showed up from her in my email box. With her permission, I share it with you. May it be my gift to you today.

Together, The Lotus

Today I found myself
with my guilt
my shame 
my fear

Then the sun rose
and soaked us
with her warmth

The ocean yawned 
and drew us in

The sky opened
and into it
we were absorbed

The vastness of it all
made us weep
and as our tears
we forgot 
our long battle

When next the sun rose
and we found ourselves
once again

I realized
there were others
by our side

Love, delight
joy, serenity

Each of us
to the other

A beautiful band
of misfits
who together
the lotus

Exquisitely fragrant

© Cindy Novelo 2021
Cindy Novelo
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