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About Yin & Restorative

Grab a tennis ball, golf ball and an old broom handle, or the fancier rolling versions of these things if you have them. We’ll sometimes use the tools to access points and blocks that keep us from moving as freely as we should, and that cause pain and stiffness. Then, we’ll move into Yin and Restorative poses.

While not necessary, a stack of hard towels or blankets (or bolster), books (or blocks) and a belt (or yoga strap) are useful in Yin and Restorative practices.

Both Yin and Restorative Yoga ask us to slow down, to go deep. Both are quiet practices that give us a break from the noise.

Yin Yoga allows us to increase movement by targeting tissue and myofascial blocks around joints. We do this by finding our edge in a posture, then finding stillness and keeping it for several minutes.

Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic practice in which postures are supported by soft pillows/bolsters, cozy blankets and blocks for long periods. This helps our mind to quiet and our body to release deeply held tensions.

No prior yoga experience is needed.

Level: 0-3; Intensity 0-1

Thursdays @ 4:30-5:45 pm CDT.

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