Yoga with love


All of my Classes are Offered via Zoom

Practice in your own space with beautiful people from all over the world.

Regularly Offered Classes

Tuesdays – Tri Yoga – 4:30 pm Central *SPECIAL! My friend and the fabulous teacher, Andrea Titzer, is co-teaching this class with me.*

Thursdays – Yin & Restorative – 4:oo pm Central

Saturdays 8:00 am Central

All classes are one hour.


Payment options are available at check out.

  • $8/individual class
    • Click the sign up button beside the class you want. You’ll be taken to a payment page.
  • 30-day subscription to all live Zoom classes AND all recorded classes (see Video Library). $60.
    • Purchase HERERemember to register for your class to get the correct Zoom link!
  • On-demand Video Library subscription. $10
  • 5-Class pack. $30.
    • Purchase HERE. Remember to register for your class to get the correct Zoom link!
  • 10-Class pack. $50.
    • Purchase HERE. Remember to register for your class to get the correct Zoom link!

All payments are in Canadian dollars. If you are unable to afford classes right now, please send me a message. I still want you in class; 100% of all requests are granted. Money should never be a reason to not join.

Video Library

Practice on your own time, according to your own schedule. Mix and match classes that fit what your body tells you it needs. Rent individual classes or purchase a subscription.

The cost is $3 per rental, or purchase a $10 subscription for access to all of the classes. For $60, you can have access to ALL live classes and ALL video recordings.

Meditation Course


Tri Yoga

Part strengthening, part vinyasa movement, part stretching. In this three-part class, we first concentrate on building strength that will improve postures and everyday physical tasks. Then we flow through postures with the help of our breath. The class ends with postures that increase flexibility and leave us feeling open and relaxed. Suitable for advanced beginners to advanced intermediate students. TUESDAYS 2:30-3:30 pm CDT

Yin & Restorative

Access stiff and stuck parts with the use of rolling tools, and therapeutic postures that are supported by soft pillows/bolsters, cozy blankets and blocks. Quiet your mind to release deeply held tensions. No prior yoga experience is needed. THURSDAYS 4:00-5:00 pm CDT

Slow Flow

Move slowly and deliberately through sequences of refined postures and breathing techniques to focus attention and free our minds from the busyness of everyday life. In this class we work on strength, flexibility and movement through standing, balance, floor and twisting postures. This class is suitable for all levels. SATURDAYS 8:00-9:00 am CDT.

Private Sessions

Perhaps you have a special birthday coming up and you’d like to celebrate with a close group of friends? Maybe you want to chill out on the morning of your wedding? Or, you want the personal one-on-one attention of a qualified teacher to reach your healing or health goals? Private sessions are the way to go.


Pre-recorded for your convenience. 30 minutes of relief SPECIFICALLY for those of you who are working from home behind less-than-perfect desks or on couches. No yoga experience necessary!