Yoga with love

Private Individual Sessions

for one or two people

Create a practice that is specific to your needs.

These individual sessions are fabulous opportunities to:

  • Have a home practice when you have limited time to get to a livestream class.
  • Receive personalized and individualized attention.
  • Work with specific limitations caused by injury or disease.
  • Recover from illness or surgery.
  • Deal with stress or anxiety.

Investment cost: First meeting is $75/hour for individuals, and $100 for two students. Thereafter, the cost is $50/hour for individuals and $75/hour for two of you.

Contact me via the Contact page to discuss the possibilities.

Group Private Sessions

for more than two people

Host a virtual yoga class that is created just for you and your friends or family! 

How about getting your friends across the world for a shared yoga hour? What about a yoga and wine party? A yoga and tea time? Book talk and yoga? Contact me at so we can be collectively creative together!

The cost is $75/hour.

Let’s talk! Contact me via the Contact page.

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