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As we transition into fall, our thoughts normally turn to the abundance that the earth provides during harvest season. One of my favourites are the root vegetables that can be eaten raw, roasted, mashed, cooked and canned. Beets top the list for me because they not only taste good, but because they also remind me of my Grandma Ida and the yummy German dishes that always had canned beets on the side. Mmmm. Spรคztle with beets.

Beets are said to have anti-inflammatory benefits, which is good for anyone suffering from joint pain. Of course, they are jam-packed with other health benefits. Besides, they’re pretty and they taste delicious.

This is an especially delicious recipe from one of my students.

Canned Beets

Mix the following in a pot:

2 cups cider vinegar

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

1 tbsp normal table salt


Put 1 tbsp pickling spice and 1 stick of cinnamon bark in a spice bag and put the bag in the pot. Bring to boil and let boil 5 minutes, then remove spice bag and fill up your jars (that are already stuffed with sliced cooked beets).

I sterilize my jars in oven at 300 for half an hour or so. I sterilize lids and caps by boiling in pot for ten minutes.


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