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Lotus again

After 30 days of stretching my outer hips for 20 minutes a day, I finally got myself into Lotus. Wow! What a feeling. I cannot do it comfortably and you’ll see that I’m sickling my ankle (bending it dangerously). I didn’t stay in it long; only long enough to have my friends capture a photo for proof! You should be careful, too, if you try this and you’re straining any of your joints.

While I believe I have to work on the groin in addition to the outer hips, I think dedicating myself to doing something everyday was a great experience. Being quiet for 20 minutes was good for me, and I feel like the journey was worthwhile.

Lotus yet againAn Almost Comfortable Lotus

I hope you had success in your challenge. Let me know what’s up for March, even though it’s half way finished.

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