Yoga with love

Several months ago, I heard news of Flori, a kind, funny, and smart woman I know in our small area of southern Mexico. She’d been diagnosed with skin cancer. In true Flori fashion, she committed to fighting the disease with force and grace.

Friends and family from around the globe sent messages back and forth to one another. What could we do to help? You see, in Mexico, there’s little health insurance if you want quality care. Each of us who love Flori have chosen to raise funds in any way we can. There’s been concerts, garage sales and outright donations.

I’ve decided to create a yoga class for her. In celebration of these amazing machines we call our bodies, I’m going to lead an all over feel good class. My hope is that we can collectively send our love and gratitude, and strength, to Flori. And, we can raise some cash to help her pay for whatever she needs to feel strong and healthy.

I hope you can join me if you live in the area. If you don’t, please send all your positive thoughts, love and strength to this beautiful woman. Then, think about all of the wonderful things your body allows you to do, and send gratitude to yourself.

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