Yoga with love

Yesterday, November 28, I had the great big pleasure to teach my 1000th hour of yoga. That means I’m able to teach continuing education courses to other yoga teachers. Yesterday also happened to be the same day that I received my 300-hour yoga teaching certificate in 2013. Whoop! What great timing. It was a big, special day for me and I’m happy to have been able to give a sweaty, juicy flow/restorative to some very special students at Pura Yoga.

Before I move forward in planning next steps, and in my effort to express gratitude as often as I can, I want to acknowledge my teachers, for without them I wouldn’t be a yoga teacher and I wouldn’t be on this particular journey. So, thank you, Neena, for being my first and helping me to fall in love with yoga. Cathy, I’ll forever be grateful to you for opening your space and heart, and for providing me a place to land. A heart-felt, and continuous flood of appreciation goes to Kine, for giving me my first teaching gig, for teaching me something new every time we talk yoga, and for so much more (she knows because best friends do). To Hart, Angie and Seth, thank you for accepting my application and for providing me with a foundation to this practice that continues to serve in every class I teach. And last, but by no means least, thank you, Jason, for facilitating the next step in my formalized learning, for helping me to help my students, and for teaching me to celebrate authenticity and to laugh at myself both on and off my mat.

My best teachers are my students. In Oaxaca and in Nova Scotia. Every class I teach, I take a lesson home with me. “Without you,” as a plate I saw in a San Francisco novelty shop says, “my life would pretty much suck.” Thank you. I love you.

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