Yoga with love

During my recent advanced yoga teacher training, we talked about yoga. All. The. Time. Obviously, we were in training. As I refelct on my time in San Francisco, I think about one of the big questions for some of us. It was the idea of considering yoga as both a physical and a spiritual practice, and how in North America, we often only concentrate on the physical in our practice. This is necessary, says my teacher, Jason Crandell. The physical practice is a way to the spiritual one. He reminded us of an old Hatha Yoga adage, which says, “There is no liberation without practice, and no practice without a body.”

Feeling liberated

On this holiday, we’ll practice yoga together daily, and sometimes, twice a day. The classes will be longer than regual practices so that we can really feel it. Each class will be tailored to you because you’ll tell me what you want to work on, and I’ll accommodate you.

We’ll practice a combination of Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga in a room set up for us in the Quinta, outside by the pool, in the mountains and wherever the spirit takes us. Liberation is possible.


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