Yoga with love

Whoop! We’ve got enough for a class, and considering the list that Chester Rec sent me, we’re a GREAT group of yogis. There’s a few seasoned folks, a few beginners and a few in-betweens so it’s going to be wonderful. Consider joining us if you want to reap the benefits of both yang and yin type yoga on Saturday mornings along side the Atlantic Ocean. Contact me if you’ll be dropping in so I can assure there will be space.

To remind you: The first part of the class is a moderate-paced vinyasa class to help you feel centered, focused, and restored. We work to create cleansing heat in the body and increase strength and flexibility by moving from posture to posture in a special way using our breath and listening to the sounds of the waves and music. In the second part of the class, we create space and ease by holding floor postures for long periods to relax the muscles and target the deep connective tissues of the body. We use our power of attention and breath to calm our nervous system, and leave the class feeling refreshed and focused.

Fusion Flow is suitable for advanced beginners, intermediate and advanced students looking for a well-rounded class.

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