Yoga with love

Anne comes to my yoga flow class on Wednesday nights without fail. She moans a bit when we do some “flexy, flexy postures,” as I call those that put our bodies into positions that call for more flexibility than we’re used to. She always tries them, however, and she’s right there with us for the stronger ones. Inversions might be scary, but we modify, and Anne always tries along with us.

Anne is 72.

Like Guenter and Heidi, who practice with me at Pura, Anne inspires me.

When talking before class started last week, I found out why Anne practices yoga. “I do it so that I can move,” she said. “I do it so I can move.”

I’ve learned a lot from my older-than-me students over the years, and one of their biggest lessons is that they’re wiser than I am. I will listen to Anne. This week, I will do yoga with the intention of doing it so that I can move. Join me: in class, at home, or where ever you are. Namaste.



Anne and DiDi at Hubbards Sailing Club

Guenter y DiDi

Guenter y DiDi at Pura

Heidi y DiDi

Heidi y DiDi at Pura

For great story about a late-life yogi, check out YogaDork’s article about 86-year-old Anna.

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