Yoga with love

To play music or not to play music in your yoga class is a question that many teachers ask themselves. My own teacher, Jason Crandell, does not use music. Many of my teacher friends do not use music. The reasons they give vary, but the one I hear most often is that it is distracting. I feel the opposite, I take great care in creating music that helps students to attune to their bodies and minds. I believe in the power of music. Yes, it can take us out of ourselves, but it can also shoot straight to our hearts. This week, I celebrate the arrival of sunshine in Nova Scotia. I feel the warmth it brings to the earth and my body, and the joy sings its way into my soul.

This week’s playlist was inspired by Laura Burkhardt, an all-around amazing yoga teacher I met while training in San Francisco. I’ve added a bit of Nova Scotia flavour to celebrate the beauty in the voices and instruments I hear around me everyday.

If you have any suggestions for music that touches you in a special way, head over to our Facebook page to leave a suggestion for future playlists. You can also tweet me the name of the song. Or, send me a picture of your favourite playlist on Instagram.


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