Classes & Private Sessions

“Why do you teach yoga?” This is the foundational question a teacher asks herself or himself.

Why do I teach yoga?

I teach yoga to help people live better lives.

You define what ‘better life’ means to you. I help you get there.

Public Class Descriptions & Information 

Going through difficult times is much better when you’ve got friends, and I am fortunate to have Amy, Andrea and Kine as friends. They are also awesome yoga teachers. Together, we’ve pushed our technological edges and have come up with an at-home yoga class schedule that will hopefully serve you while we do our part to keep ourselves and others healthy in mind, body and spirit. Please join us!

Scroll to the bottom to find out how to register.

Om at hOMe  May 2020







10:30-11:45 am AST/8:30-9:45 CDT



Pura Yoga – All levels


5:30-6:30 pm AST/3:30-4:30 CDT



Slow Flow – Level 1


7:00-8:00 pm AST/5:00-6:00 CDT



Movement & Meditation – Level 0-1


9:30 am (Link is sent by this time)



Gentle Flow – Level 0-1


6:30-7:45 pm AST/4:30-5:45 CDT



Tri Yoga – Level 2


9:00-10:00 am AST/7:00-8:00 CDT

Oren & Amy


Herbs & Acupressure


6:00-7:15 pm AST/4:00-5:15 CDT



Slow Flow – Level 1


7:00-8:15 pm



Yin & Restorative – All levels


10:30-11:45 am AST/8:30-9:45 CDT



Pura Yoga – All levels


10:30-11:45 am

Amy & DiDi


Slow Flow – Levels 1-2

Class Descriptions:

Movement & Meditation – A 30 min. floor-based sequence that unites movement with breath, and then 30 min. of different forms of meditation (yoga nidra, mindfulness, & visualization) will be introduced to help develop a mind and body that is stable, calm & harmonious.

Pura Yoga– We begin with precise preparation of the body to move. We work on strength and flexibility to improve our yoga practice and for everyday functional movement. After your body is ready, we move into thoughtful, dynamic sequences to challenge you and to provide an opportunity for you to find balance between effort (sthria) and ease (sukam) through the connection of breath and postures. The class slows down towards the end to go deeper and deeper into poses. You’ll leave the class feeling free, spacious and relaxed.

Slow Flow– Move slowly and deliberately through sequences of refined postures and breathing techniques to focus attention and free our minds from the busyness of everyday life. In this class we work on strength, flexibility and movement through standing, balance, floor and twisting postures. This class is suitable for all levels, but especially for advanced beginner and intermediate students.

Tri Yoga – Part strengthening, part movement, part stretching. In this three-part class, we first concentrate on building strength that will improve postures and everyday physical tasks. Then we flow through postures with the help of our breath. The class ends with postures that increase flexibility and leave us feeling open and relaxed. Suitable for advanced beginners to advanced intermediate students.

Yin & Restorative Yoga – Both Yin and Restorative yoga ask us to slow down, to go deep. Through therapeutic postures that are supported by soft pillows/bolsters, cozy blankets and blocks, our mind quiets and our body releases deeply held tensions. No prior yoga experience is needed.

YouTube Gentle Yoga – each Tuesday students will be sent a link to a Gentle yoga class that Amy has personally videoed and posted on YouTube OR a gentle yoga class she has watched and feels is a suitable option. Sign up for Tuesday’s class to get the link, but you can do the class anytime!

Om at hOMe Prices

  • An electronic 4-class yoga pass is available for $20.
  • Drop-ins are welcome for $5/class.
  • If you are currently not earning a salary, please know you’re welcome nonetheless! I welcome virtual love.

REGISTER FOR THE CLASS YOU WANT TO TAKE. This is how you’ll receive the link for your class.

Register with me, DiDi, by sending an email to

Register with Andrea by sending an email to

Register with Amy through her website by clicking HERE.

Register with Dawn by sending an email to

Payment will be arranged through each teacher. We’ll also help you with the technology if it’s all new to you!



Private Sessions

for one or two people

Create a practice that is specific to your needs.

These individual sessions are fabulous opportunities to:

  • Have a home practice when you have limited time to get to a livestream class.
  • Receive personalized and individualized attention.
  • Work with specific limitations caused by injury or disease.
  • Recover from illness or surgery.
  • Deal with stress or anxiety.

Investment cost during isolation: First meeting is $50/hour for individuals, and $75 for two students. Thereafter, the cost is $25/hour for individuals and $50/hour for two of you.

Contact me at to discuss the possibilities.

Group Classes

for more than two people

Host a virtual yoga class that is created just for you and your friends or family! 

How about getting your friends across the world for a shared yoga hour? What about a yoga and wine party? A yoga and tea time? Book talk and yoga? Contact me at so we can be collectively creative together! 

The cost is $75/hour.

Contact me at or at 902 448 5683 (LOVE) NOTE: this number isn’t working while I’m away from Canada.