Detox with Special Water

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  1. Janice Landry says:

    Great recipe that I will be trying! Love your website! Congratulations!

  2. DeNel says:

    Thank you, Janice. I’m glad you like the website. I do, too!

    You’ll enjoy the water. The mint leaves are plentiful right now so take advantage of them. Mmmm.

  3. Anne Landreville says:

    Congratulations Didi for the website!
    I enjoyed to look at the photo gallery where I have seen some very good friends from Pura Yoga. My favorite is the Photo shoot serie and the blue lotus of course. I prepared the Detox water with my own grown mint, for tomorrow. And I will take a little glass tonight, it looks so good!

  4. DeNel says:

    Thank you, Anne! Yes, lovely people in the photos. I enjoy looking at them because they warm my heart and take me right back to Pura.

    I hope you enjoy the water. It’ll be like a little party in your mouth at work today!

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